Quantum Information Technology

White Rose Meeting, Sheffield, 10 June 2014

Location: University of Sheffield, LT6 Hicks building.
Local contact: Pieter Kok


11:00 Welcome
11:30 Paul Knott Leeds Quantum metrology using entangled coherent states
11:55 Mark Pearce Sheffield Multiphoton imaging
12:20 Johannes Biniok York New uncertainty relations for multislit interferometry
12.45 Lunch
14.15 Winfried Hensinger Sussex Microwave quantum logic and architectures for quantum technologies with trapped ions
15.05 Diego Quiñones Valles Leeds Quantum enhanced metrology to detect physics beyond the standard model
15:30 Break
15.50 Dardo Goyeneche Conceptión/Chile Genuinely multipartite entangled states and orthogonal arrays
16.25 P. Evangelides Bradford Analytic representations of finite quantum systems with theta functions
16:50 End + Pub