Quantum Information Technology

White Rose Meeting, Bradford, 14 January 2014

Location: Department of Computing, University of Bradford,
Richmond building: room C7 (10:00-12:30), and Horton Building: room D0.23 (12:30-16:50).


10:00 Welcome
10:10 Roger Colbeck York Is a system's wavefunction determined by its elements of reality?
10:30 Pieter Kok Sheffield A simple demonstration of contextuality.
10:50 Neil Stevens York Steering, incompatibility, and Bell inequality violations in a class of probabilistic theories - an overview
11:10 Break
11:30 Stefano Pirandola York Continuous variable quantum cryptography with untrusted relays.
11:50 Carlo Ottaviani York Two-way quantum cryptography with continuous variables:
unconditional security and performances at different wavelengths.
12:10 Timothy Proctor Leeds Quantum computation via controlled displacements of ancilla with arbitrary dimension.
12.30 Lunch
14.30 Ci Lei Bradford Weak coherent states related to the multiplicative group C*.
14.50 Shelf --- TBA
15.10 Tom Bullock York Does entanglement lead to more precise measurements in Arthurs-Kelly like models?
15:30 Break
15.50 Michael Woodhouse Sheffield Population inversion in quantum dot ensembles.
16.10 Robert Bennett Leeds Canonical quantization of the electromagnetic field in dispersive media
16.30 Thomas Barlow Leeds Scattering light through a two-sided optical cavity
16:50 End